Best Stand Up Comedy

Being on stage and trying to make people laugh at your jokes and antics shouldn’t be impossible to do if you are gifted with a natural sense of humor. However, some people who believe they are gifted with the talent to make people laugh often end up disappointing their audience because of their corny and flat jokes. Somehow, you don’t want to end up a disappointment to your audience as well. This is why you need to make sure that you are well-prepared enough to do the best stand up comedy performance each time you are in front of them.

So, how do you prepare yourself to deliver the best stand up comedy performance that will tickle every funny bone in your audience’s body? Below are the necessary preparations you can take in order to deliver the best comedy routine everyone will surely remember:

1. You need great material. This is the most important aspect of being a stand-up comic. You should have funny material that everyone can relate to and laugh about. If you are trying to tell a funny story, for example, you need material to be as close to the recent events as possible in order to create the greatest impact when you perform it to the audience. More importantly, even if you meant to do a “spoof”, you need your material to be original and not copied from anyone else. This is what everyone would expect from the best stand-up comedy.

2. Rehearse your material well. Even though you think you are naturally funny, you still need to rehearse your material in order to make sure that you will be able to deliver it well when you are in front of your audience. As much as possible, if you have a best friend or some siblings, try to rehearse it with them like it is your actual performance. Study their reactions and get feedback from them as to how they would assess your performance. If you have no one else to critique the material for you, then you can record yourself while doing your rehearsal. You need to know whether or not you would need to adjust your manner of delivery. You need to polish your material to make sure that any type of audience will get your “punch lines”. Also, your jokes need to sound funny rather than offensive.

3. It is not funny to use up time that is not yours. Learn to stay within your allotted time when it is your time to perform.

4. Take inspiration from famous stand-up comedians. No, you don’t have to follow their style. Just draw inspiration from them. You may want to watch their characteristics and see whether there are lessons you can get from the timing and manner of delivery of the best stand-up comedy.

5. Ad lib gracefully when you have forgotten your piece. No matter how hard you familiarize or memorize your material, there may be times when a mental block is really uncalled for. In this case, don’t panic and try to redeem yourself from that mental block state by making a graceful ad lib that anyone wouldn’t even notice.

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