Tracy Morgan Stand-Up Show

In case you didn’t know, last night was the premiere of Tracy Morgan’s new stand up special on Comedy Central. This show was one of the best stand up performances from Morgan who has seen a lot of much-deserved success. Most people know Morgan from shows like Saturday Night Live and more recently 30 Rock, both on NBC. However, like most comedians he got himself into the industry by way of stand up and it was good to see he’s still got it.

If you’ve seen Tracy Morgan do any interview you know that you never know what to expect. He could be high on something and just say the most outrageous things a person can think of. He’s developed quite an underground cult following on top of his mainstream success because of this.

This stand up performance was pretty tame compared to what you might expect out of Tracy Morgan but it was hilarious none-the-less. It would take a lot of guts or stupidity to go out high on stage for a Comedy Central Special.  It’s understandable that he took the more conservative approach but his stand up was anything but conservative. He probably said just about everything he could possibly get away with on Comedy Central.

It’s not just his writing that gets you laughing, it’s really Morgan’s delivery that really gets you laughing because you can actually get an image of the things he’s describing and the way he says certain things is just hilarious. One of the greatest comedians of our time for sure. He is the element that takes 30 Rock to the next level and he did the same for SNL as well.

If you haven’t seen Tracy Morgan’s new comedy special on Comedy Central I’m sure they will show it again a 100 in the next month, so I’m sure you’ll see it.

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