Quackers Restaurant


As of the 31st May 2016 Ducks Crossing will close the restaurant .
The Accommodation will continue till September then all will be sold off bring the Ducks Crossing Site back to land only.
A very emotional challenge.
To all the customers who have passed through our doors we say farewell and perhaps you will catch up with your stories through a book I am endevouring to write called "Rare or Well Done"
A simple play on words which truley suits the industry of Hospitality.
My present staff both Kitchen and floor have been amazing and I am very grateful that as this decision was being made we were able to work together and move everyone forward to new jobs and positions.
So to finish I would like to say.
Once upon a time there was a place called Ducks Crossing where the ducks came to play and peace ruled the realm.
From nowhere people came to bulid and tranform the land and progress changed the grounds.
We have emerged through the battlers the conflicts and the love and each evening the ducks return and sit on the waterfall and swim in the dam while the last rays of sunlight slowly seep through the shimmering moist leaves on the swaying trees as they bend and say good night and good bye.
To have been part of this challenging time for business and to have known the people from the industry called hospitality yet emerged loved or not so loved has truley been a journey from "rare to well done"
Hope to see you in travels and thank you again for being part of our 12 year journey 18th April 2004 (began to build) to 31st May 2016 the doors closed to allow other doors to open.